May 1, 2012


Salaamun alaik,

There is a month left to go for the Final War in this semester. I’m a little upset about myself. There is still not enough preparation that I had. I tried to manage my time brilliantly with studying and make revision but.. hmm, maybe it is not good enough. What I need is doing well on it, for my parents, that is my first goal ever in my life. I want to see their cheering again, just like the previous semester.

Miss Hafsah,
Please, start to be serious and efficient in every step that you will take in future. Remind yourself about the important of time. Time is like sword to behead you when you don’t behead it. Recall back the assignments that you need to submit.

Let’s start with the nearest one:

1. Entrepreneurial Behavior                              6 May 2012
2. Mathematics & Statistics for Business          10 May 2012
3. Accounting                                               17 May 2012

Pheww, quite interesting right? (huhuhu). Therefore, I would finish them by a little from time to time. But Alhamdulillah, I already finished half of them and I think it should be a good one while I’m still not having any stress symptoms yet. Hehehe. To be honest, I will be more depressing if I’m not score for this final. Credit hours for this semester were the lowest rather than others. Just only 15ch if I compared it with the last semester which is 18ch.

So, don’t let any ridiculous things putting you off!

Be Strong!

‘anak ayah tak pernah hampakan ayah’

‘akak kebanggaan keluarga, belajar pandai-pandai’

‘adik nak jadi macam akak, masuk universiti dan dapat result baik’

It touched my heart deeply when my dad, my mum and little sister said like that. Tell me! How could I to disappoint them? Huh?? They placed hopes on me. There is no way otherwise I play my part and doing my best. I want to be the true Warrior in my lovely family. And be a Warrior in everything that I passed through. Even though I should to bet my life, I will. Gambateh! :)

Plant the seeds of love in every subject that you learned, insyaAllah then you will harvest the wonderful and precious knowledge. Believe it.

It is not too early or too late to wish to all my beloved friends for your Final War (Final Exam). Use your times left wisely and do your best ok. =)

 together towards success!


  1. all da best awk, I knoe, u can do it well, just manage ur time wisely,and dont forget to doa and always remember Him. becoz He decides everything :) viel gluck :)

  2. dear! all the best (^^,)
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